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Zero Emission Vehicles

Zero-Emission Vehicles are here, and California’s New Car Dealers are all-in.

California has set its sights on the future of electrification, and dealers will play a vital role in getting there.

California’s new car dealers are investing millions into electric vehicle charging and vehicle servicing infrastructure and education for technicians. In 2023 alone, CA dealers expect to spend an estimated $340.28 million overall on EV infrastructure. CNCDA has installed four chargers in our own parking lot to support this effort.

ZEVs By the Numbers

In the first half of 2023, the Electric Vehicle Market Share exceeded 21 percent:

Why are car dealers so important to the future of ZEVs?

Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) have exploded onto the market over the last few years, and more consumers are looking to make the switch. While the ZEV market is evolving, the ZEV buyers of today don’t represent those of tomorrow. In fact, a vast majority of car buyers still prefer the models and drivetrains they are accustomed to. For some, this is simply a matter of preference. But for others, the apprehension towards purchasing a ZEVs remains as strong as ever. This may be due to a lack of familiarity with options, price concerns, confusion about incentives, range anxiety, or even a lack of availability. This is where new car dealers become a critical bridge between drivers and these new vehicles, by providing a single location to answer all of their questions.

Why Dealers?

New car dealers have sharpened the art of the car buying experience. Regardless of whether you are an automotive enthusiast or you are purchasing your first car, dealers are equipped to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to find the right car. Their trained staff can answer your questions and explain what you need to know before buying a ZEV. But for most people, simply seeing a car and hearing about it is not enough. Dealerships allow you to inspect a range of vehicles, kick the proverbial tires, and most importantly, take that crucial test drive.

So, I’ve decided to go electric, what now?

Unlike typical retailers, the car buying experience doesn’t end once you drive off the lot in your new vehicle. Every day, dealers help customers leverage their options and secure financing from different lenders to ensure the best outcome for their financial needs. But for ZEVs, it doesn’t end there. There are countless incentives for customers purchasing ZEVs, ranging from the federal government, all the way down to local utility providers. Searching for available incentive options and determining your eligibility can often be time consuming and overwhelming. Your local new car dealership is there to help you identify incentives and navigate your options to ensure you take advantage of every benefit available. They can even help you secure that HOV sticker and find the EV chargers closest to you.

How can new car dealers help me after I buy my new ZEV?

The relationship between a dealer and their customers doesn’t end after the sale. For the entire time you own your car, your local dealership is there to meet all your vehicle service needs. From regular scheduled maintenance to major repairs and manufacturer warranty claims, your dealer can help keep you on the road with the peace of mind that your ZEV is being taken care of by trained, qualified vehicle technicians. We know that access to timely, reliable service remains a major concern for many looking to purchase an EV, especially for those who live in rural areas or far from major metropolitans. With a network of 1,400 new car dealers across the state, consumers have reassurance that if their ZEV needs service, they can get the help they need, when they need it.

Dealer Resources

CNCDA has developed an expansive directory of the available ZEV incentives throughout the state. This resource can help you identify options for your customers while navigating which programs are available in your area.

You can access that tool here.

NADA has also recently published A Dealer Guide to Electric Vehicles, which “discusses issues that are key to mass adoption of EVs: affordability, charging, range, batteries, safety, service, and the environment. In discussing dealers’ role in addressing each of these issues with customers, the guide aims to help dealers help their customers embrace EVs.”

The Guide is available on the NADA website, here.

Consumer Resources

CNCDA is a proud partner of Veloz and their program. This site is a tool for consumers who are exploring the purchase of an EV. Prospective EV drivers can get the facts about going electric, compare EV models, find zip code-based incentives, see home charging options, and apply for charging incentives.

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