Franchise Laws- New for 2023: AB 473

CNCDA is committed to protecting the franchise system and California’s new car dealers by continuously evaluating and strengthening California franchise laws, ensuring protections against onerous manufacturer requirements.

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Employment & Labor Laws: Repeal and Replace PAGA

While California new car dealers employ more than 140,000 individuals statewide, it is important that CNCDA is actively engaged in the process of regulating California employers and the workplace. Read more about our fight to repeal and replace PAGA.

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Zero Emission Vehicles

As California sets goals and mandates requiring that consumers shift to Zero Emission Vehicles, CNCDA will continue to support the state’s efforts aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also maintaining a healthy economy.

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Autonomous Vehicles

As technology continues to evolve and the future of autonomous vehicles becomes clearer, CNCDA supports thoughtful and safe public policy as these vehicles are brought to market and sold at California new car dealerships.


California's franchised new car dealers are committed to their role in fixing recalled vehicles once they have the parts and procedures from auto manufacturers. Dealers are ready and willing to repair recalled vehicles, they have the expertise and capacity to do so.


With more than 40 million Californians on the move every day, many of them in new cars, CNCDA has an interest in the rules and regulations that impact consumer’s day to day transportation and state infrastructure.

Sales Tax & Fees

California new car dealers collect more sales tax than any other entity in the state. With some of the most complex sales tax and fee structures in the country, CNCDA stays engaged in issues related to the state's sales tax.