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NextGen Dealers


2024 NextGen Steering Committee

Kailey Hatfield-Odero, Hatfield Buick GMC, NextGen Committee Chair
Tanner Hedrick, Hedrick Chevrolet
Scott Normandin, Normandin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat

CNCDA NextGen dealers are the leaders of today’s and tomorrow’s retail automotive industry throughout California. Being a leader, mentor and peer is critical to the future of California’s franchised new car industry.

As the retail automotive industry continues to change and the landscape evolves around us, it is crucial that we continue engage a diverse array of dealers throughout the state, including those coming up through the ranks and running the dealership. CNCDA strives to continue preparing NextGen dealers to become the future leaders of the industry and the association.

Who is a NextGen Dealer?

A CNCDA NextGen dealer is a current Dealer Principal or successor, holds a managerial position at a dealership, or must be nominated by a current Dealer Principal.

Why Participate in CNCDA’s NextGen Activities?

California’s NextGen dealers are the future leaders of the industry. Becoming a leader gaining confidence and knowledge about the industry through peer-to-peer activities cultivates an environment where leadership thrives and helps to further shape the future of the industry in California.

How Can You Engage as a NextGen Dealer?

As a NextGen dealer, we need and encourage your help on all fronts, including advocacy, legal, regulatory, and event participation. While CNCDA understands that it is challenging to take time away from your dealership and engage in these programs and events, your participation is an opportunity for you to make a difference as a leader at your dealership and among your peers throughout the state. CNCDA’s success depends greatly on the engagement and input from our members.

For more information on CNCDA’s NextGen activities and how to engage, please contact Autumn Heacox at 916-441-2599 or

NextGen Founding Members

Hilary Haron, Haron Jaguar Land Rover
Ellena Sweet, Fresno Acura

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