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The CNCDA’s Scholarship Foundation 2.0 Vision – Retooling our Legacy

Written by: Danielle Whitmore, Scholarship Foundation and Outreach Manager

It’s almost here, but we simply couldn’t wait to tell you about the Scholarship Foundation 2.0!

Together, the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) and its Scholarship Foundation have a rich history of supporting students interested in automotive industry careers. For 26 years, we have fueled a vision to fill the fierce and valuable demand for auto technician and management roles critical to California’s retail automotive industry. Since its inception, the Scholarship Foundation has awarded scholarships to 1,326 students – totaling $1,091,437. This funding has encouraged a skilled 21st-century workforce, providing jobs that offer a stable, living wage and a rewarding lifelong career, while serving the needs of California’s franchised new car dealers.

In 2019, the Scholarship Foundation Trustees and CNCDA staff began working to reimagine the vision and direction of the Scholarship program, including providing more substantial and equitable awards geographically, ultimately creating more of an impact in the communities that our dealer members serve. 

New strategies for the 2021-22 school year include:

  • More significant awards in larger amounts of $5,000 per student recipient.  
  • Four student recipients per region, totaling 20 winners statewide. 
  • One statewide winner who will receive an additional $5,000. 

Providing equity among CNCDA’s five key regions of the Golden State through more targeted outreach and increased applicants will ensure top tier candidates are awarded funds and are committed to the industry long-term.  

CNCDA is excited to enhance our relationships with dealer members and your hiring staff.  Building and strengthening partnerships that expand the Scholarship Foundation legacy, support the future of the industry, continue to provide value to students and dealerships, and satisfy the Scholarship Foundation 2.0 approach is of critical importance to CNCDA’s Scholarship Foundation going forward. 

The work of the CNCDA Scholarship Foundation is being administered and managed by CNCDA’s Scholarship and Outreach Manager, Danielle Whitmore, hired in February of this year. The California New Car Dealers Association is funding the program along with generous donations from dealers, partners, and friends of the industry. 

Stay Tuned for the 2.0 application launch date! Please also know we welcome and encourage your support in getting the word out! Help us connect top-tier candidates to the Scholarship Foundation so we can support skilled workers at your dealerships!  

For more information visit or contact Danielle Whitmore at

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