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California’s New Car Dealers Reintroduce Bill, AB 179, To Improve and Strengthen Laws for Local Businesses and Consumers

Contact: Jenny Dudikoff 
Phone: 916-441-2599

SACRAMENTO, CA – California’s new car dealers have reintroduced a bill to improve California’s new motor vehicle franchise laws. AB 179 is nearly identical to last year’s AB 2107, which passed unanimously in both houses as a result of more than forty hours of negotiations with auto manufacturers.

AB 179, the California New Car Dealers Association’s priority bill for the 2019 legislative session, will seek to strengthen and protect California’s franchise system for California new car dealers and new car buyers.

“We feel strongly that Governor Brown made a mistake by vetoing AB 2107 last year. He ignored similar franchise laws across the country, disregarded that the bill had the unanimous support of all legislators and suggested unspecified unintended consequences would follow the passage of AB 2107. He was wrong. The reintroduction of this bill, now AB 179, is a testament to the commitment of the author, Assemblymember Reyes, and hundreds of franchised new car dealers across the state to continue to improve and strengthen laws that help both local businesses and consumers,” stated California New Car Dealers Association President, Brian Maas.

For CNCDA background on the bill, please visit our AB 179 Factsheet. For full bill text, please click here.



For more than 95 years, CNCDA has represented the interests of California’s franchised new car dealers.  CNCDA members are primarily engaged in the retail sale and lease of new and used motor vehicles, but also provide customers with automotive products, parts, service and repair.  Our members sold more than 2 million new cars and trucks in 2017 and employ more than 140,000 Californians, significantly contributing to our state’s economy.  As the nation’s largest state association of franchised new car and truck dealers—with nearly 1,200 members—CNCDA serves its members by providing legal compliance and legislative, regulatory and legal advocacy. 

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