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California New Car Dealers Come to Sacramento for 2024 Dealer Day

Association Also Celebrates Century Milestone

SACRAMENTO, CA, March 18, 2024– The California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) is preparing to host its Annual Dealer Day this Wednesday, March 20, 2024. This year’s event holds special significance as CNCDA proudly celebrates its 100-year anniversary, a testament to its unwavering commitment to shaping the automotive landscape in California.

With close to 1,200 members, CNCDA is the nation’s largest state association of franchised new car dealers.

The night before, on Tuesday evening, the association’s newly-formed NextGen dealer group will meet at Camden Spit & Larder to discuss the future of the automotive industry and the impact up-and-coming dealers can have in the Golden State.

On Dealer Day, all franchised new car dealers will attend CNCDA’s Annual Meeting of the Members, hosted at the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel downtown. Then, dealers will meet with their area representatives at The Swing Space for legislative appointments to discuss pending new laws relevant to CA’s retail automotive industry. Dealer Day concludes with a legislative reception at Revival in The Kimpton.

Since its establishment in 1924, CNCDA has been a formidable force, driving the growth and success of California’s franchised new car and truck dealers. The association’s history is marked by a series of impactful initiatives and legislative advocacies that have significantly shaped and influenced the automotive industry in the state, keeping the public informed and aware of the industry’s developments.

Recent legislative achievements include 2023’s landmark franchise bill, AB 473, which offered crucial protections for dealers from their respective manufacturers and underscored CNCDA’s commitment to protecting and promoting the automotive industry in California. This commitment is a testament to the member’s dedication to serving the transportation needs of the state’s motoring public.

CA’s New Car Dealers’ Economic Impact in 2023:

According to CNCDA’s recently released 2023 Economic Impact Report, California’s franchised new car dealers employed over 138,800 hard-working Californians and paid $10 billion in statewide taxes, contributing significantly to the state’s economy. The report highlights new car dealers’ contributions in charitable donations, taxes paid, and employment data, among other trends related to the state’s economic health.

Last year, California’s new car dealers sold 1.77 million new vehicles, 280,891 of which were electric vehicles (EVs), representing 21.4% of the total new light-duty vehicles sold in the Golden State.

Additionally, California’s new car dealers consistently act as local community stewards year after year, giving $67.66 million to charitable and civic organizations in 2023, an average of $46,500 per dealership to good causes.

The average combined state and federal taxes paid per California dealership was $9.27 million, totaling $13.64 billion in taxes paid by California’s new car dealers in 2023.

Shaping the Next Century:

Founded in 1924, CNCDA has been a steadfast advocate for California’s franchised new car and truck dealers. The association’s continuous efforts in legislative advocacy, community engagement, and member-focused strategies have contributed to the thriving automotive industry in California.

CNCDA extends sincere gratitude to the dealers, including new dealers, legacy, and NextGen, who have generously contributed their time and efforts to the association’s enduring success. Many of these dealerships are family-owned and have operated since the inception of the automotive era.

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Event Media Contact:
Autumn Heacox, Director of Communications & Marketing
California New Car Dealers Association

For 100 years, the California New Car Dealers Association has represented California’s franchised new car and truck dealers. CNCDA members are primarily engaged in the retail sale and lease of new and used motor vehicles and provide automotive products, parts, services, and repairs. In 2022, California’s franchised new car dealers sold more than 1.6 million new cars and trucks, employed more than 136,000 people, paid $8.46 billion in sales tax, and donated $62.84 million to charitable and civic organizations. As the nation’s largest state association of franchised automotive dealers—with over 1,200 members—CNCDA provides legal compliance and legislative, regulatory, and legal advocacy.

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