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California New Car Dealers Association Publishes 2023 Economic Impact Report

CNCDA published our 2023 Economic Impact Report this week. The report highlights the contributions new car dealers have made in charitable donations, taxes paid, and employment data, among other dealership trends related to California’s economy.

California’s franchised new car dealers continue to act as significant statewide contributors. In 2023, California’s new car dealers sold 1.77 million new vehicles, employed over 138,807 hard-working Californians, and paid $10 billion in statewide taxes. In 2023, the average California new car dealership employed roughly 95 people per dealership.

California’s new car dealers contributed significantly to the state’s economic health, paying a total of $8.74 billion in state sales tax in 2023, an average of $6.01 million of sales tax per dealership. The average total taxes paid per California dealership in 2023 was $9.27 million, totaling $13.64 billion statewide.

New Car Dealers sold 280,891 electric vehicles (EVs) in 2023 which represents 21.4% of the total new light-duty vehicles sold in the Golden State last year. The EV market share in California is three times higher than the EV market share in the rest of the United States. Dealers anticipate spending an average of $295,000 each on EV charging infrastructure in 2023 to help meet the needs of CA’s EV consumer demand.

Additionally, California’s new car dealers consistently act as local community stewards year after year, giving $67.66 million to charitable and civic organizations in 2023, an average of $46,500 per dealership to good causes.

The report is made possible by CNCDA’s dealer members, who completed the association’s annual Economic Impact Survey and statewide auto sales data.

To view the 2023 Economic Impact Report, please click here.


For 100 years, the California New Car Dealers Association has represented California’s franchised new car and truck dealers. CNCDA members are primarily engaged in the retail sale and lease of new and used motor vehicles and provide automotive products, parts, services, and repairs. In 2022, California’s franchised new car dealers sold more than 1.6 million new cars and trucks, employed more than 136,000 people, paid $8.46 billion in sales tax, and donated $62.84 million to charitable and civic organizations. As the nation’s largest state association of franchised automotive dealers—with over 1,200 members—CNCDA provides legal compliance and legislative, regulatory, and legal advocacy.

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