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The Fight to Replace PAGA

WE DID IT! We have reformed the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA)!

CNCDA and our coalition have fixed PAGA, ensuring a bright future for CA franchised dealers and their employees. With YOUR HELP, we will eliminate shakedown lawsuits and allow employers to cure problems with employee compensation.

Historic PAGA Reform Approved and Signed

(7.01.24, Sacramento, CA) CNCDA is happy to announce that after years of relentless efforts and your unwavering support, the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) has been successfully reformed! Today, July 1, 2024, marks the historic day Governor Gavin Newsom signed PAGA reform into law, marking a victory for California’s franchised dealers and businesses. This success is a direct result of our members’ dedication. Our member donations and advocacy were instrumental in achieving this milestone. Thanks to YOU, the end of PAGA, as we know it, is here.


  • 90+ legislative meetings focused on addressing PAGA were held at Dealer Day 2024. Your voice made a difference with lawmakers.
  • 120+ organizations joined our cause, from non-profits and disability advocates to health providers and more. This diverse coalition showed legislators CNCDA’s willingness to work with other statewide stakeholders on issues that matter most.
  • SB 92 and AB 2288 passed with overwhelming legislative support. These bills were negotiated between CNCDA staff, business, labor, and legislative leadership.
  • Special thanks to the members who donated to our public affairs effort and contributed more than half of the dollars raised to qualify for the measure for the November ballot.


  • Economic Relief: Significant cost savings and reduced legal burdens for our members. This victory will bring a lasting positive economic impact so you can focus on your business growth and success.
  • Reformed PAGA Structure: The reform includes changes to standing, penalties, the right to cure, and judicial discretion. These ensure that employee claims are resolved quicker and that dealerships complying with the law are not penalized.
  • Unified Front: The success of this legislative solution underscores the importance of our efforts and is a testament to CNCDA’s strength and the incredible impact we have statewide.

Below is a short video of legislators noting CNCDA’s important role in this victory:

Again, we extend our deepest gratitude. This victory belongs to you. Our members have ensured a bright future for ALL California businesses.

THANK YOU for being an integral part of this historic victory; CNCDA has made a lasting difference for all Californians.

With profound appreciation,

Brian Maas, President
California New Car Dealers Association

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