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Platinum Sponsor HR Hotlink

HR Hotlink

CNCDA licensed vendor for Human Resources Management and Meal Break/Rest Period Compliance

HR Hotlink meets the legal and compliance demands on today’s Dealers. HR Hotlink proudly continues more than two decades of working closely with the CNCDA and California Dealers. The HR Hotlink Management System is the first and only California-specific HR management solution that was designed for Dealers that automates HR management and compliance processes to reduce the risk of employment litigation. HR Hotlink forces the proper processes for California and federal requirements for employees in the automotive industry. Legal guidelines and content are provided by Fine, Boggs & Perkins LLP and are updated as laws/requirements change. HR Hotlink provides many tools for dealers to manage the entire employee lifecycle process, including Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Human Capital Management, Interactive Web-based Training, HR Advice Hotline and much more.

TimeCert is a new offering from HR Hotlink. TimeCert is a cost-effective virtual auditor and compliance tool that ensures adherence to state-specific meal and rest break rules. With user-friendly, effective technology, TimeCert manages, monitors and automates compliance with employee meal breaks and rest periods, as well as meal break waivers by requiring the employees to follow the rules each and every day. It complements, not replaces, a dealership’s existing timekeeping software and timeclock devices. TimeCert imports electronic time records from a dealership’s existing timekeeping system and forces compliance with meal break and rest period rules to avoid the risk of PAGA and other wage-hour claims. TimeCert also includes robust statistical reports for upper management showing how effective TimeCert is in forcing compliance. Dealerships save time and money as they reduce their risk of litigation with TimeCert. When legal compliance with meal breaks and rest periods is needed to avoid the risk of lawsuits, TimeCert is your solution.

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