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New Car Dealers All-In for EVs, Urges CARB to Approve Formal Midterm Review for Pending ZEV Mandate

For Immediate Release, 8.24.22

SACRAMENTO, CA – With the California Air Resources Board expected to meet tomorrow and approve a ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035, the California New Car Dealers Association reaffirms our commitment for being all-in on electric vehicles.  

Franchised new car dealers are committed to working with lawmakers and regulators to increase the supply and adoption of ZEVs. New car dealers will be crucial in educating consumers about what this new technology means for their driving habits and transportation needs.  

“CNCDA is officially requesting that the California Air Resources Board incorporate a formal midterm review to evaluate progress on regulations to ensure Californians have continued access to affordable and available electric vehicles,” said Brian Maas, CNCDA President.  

As stakeholders work to implement CARB’s ruling, there are important considerations that CNCDA would like addressed, including:  

  • Customer choice and vehicle availability: Despite California leading the nation in ZEV market share, ZEVs still only represent a fraction of the two million new passenger and light-duty vehicles sold annually. We need more ZEVs widely available that meet the needs of consumers. 
  • Affordability: ZEVs are considerably more costly up-front than gas-powered vehicles, and often are prohibitively expensive for low-income consumers. We must address affordability and equity challenges, or many customers will not be able to make the switch to ZEVs.
  • Infrastructure: We need to expand the availability of convenient, fast charging infrastructure, beyond work sites and single-family dwellings, to encourage consumers to make the switch.

California’s new car dealers are essential to consumer transition to ZEVs and we look forward to working with the California Air Resources Board and vehicle manufacturers to meet the state’s electric vehicle mandate in these new regulations.  



For more than 95 years, California New Car Dealers Association has represented the interests of California’s franchised new car dealers. CNCDA members are primarily engaged in the retail sale and lease of new and used motor vehicles, but also provide customers with automotive products, parts, service and repair. Our members sold more than 2 million new cars and trucks in 2019 and employed more than 140,000 Californians, significantly contributing to our state’s economy. As the nation’s largest state association of franchised new car and truck dealers—with more than 1,200 members—CNCDA provides legal compliance and legislative, regulatory, and legal advocacy. 

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