California Dealership HR Bootcamp Part II

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In Part II, John Boggs and Dave Reese of Fine, Boggs & Perkins LLP will address perhaps the most-common claims filed against dealerships over all other claims– California’s Wage and Hour Nightmare.  In Part II, they will outline the current trends/rules in wage and hour lawsuits and how to avoid them, including discussion and solutions for the following:

  • Changes to Interpretation on “Hours Worked” including de minimis duties (e.g., changing uniforms at    work and changes to the “De Minimis time “rules, stand-by time, home web-based training, leads while off duty/site, and travel time).
  • Labor Code Section 226:  The rules on itemized wage statements and common trivial errors that lead to huge liability.
  • Labor Code Section 2802 Reimbursement/Indemnification rules including cell phone use, vehicle use, home electronics for telework, etc.
  • Meal Breaks and Rest Periods:  Can they be waived?  Does the dealer have to enforce compliance?  What can we do to protect ourselves?
  • Payroll Deductions: Legal Payroll Deductions, Failure to return or loss/damage of Uniform and Tools/Equipment, Cash Shortage, Lot Damage, etc..
  • Equal Pay and its impact on Private Attorney General Act claims
  • Overtime and the Exemptions: Common mistakes and how to fix them now!
  • Private Attorney General Act/Class Actions:  Ways to avoid the catastrophic loss based on minor violations. How Viking River Cruises changes the landscape– for now.
  • Real-Life Questions