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Dealership Coronavirus Resources

Updated July 28, 2020

CNCDA Members can access more detailed compliance guidance and materials via CNCDA Comply related to:
– Vehicle Sales
– Health Requirements
– Employees
– Government Benefits
– Forms and Notices
– Vehicle Registration
– Franchise Issues

Dealership Operations and Health Requirements

The State of California and various local jurisdictions have issued orders that greatly impact dealership operations. Outlined below is a summary of these requirements.

Statewide Operation and Health Requirements. All dealerships in California should review and implement the statewide guidance on COVID-19 dealership operations. (Click here.) All dealerships should post a copy of the state COVID-19 checklist to demonstrate that they are reducing the risk and are open for business. (Click here.)

On July 24, the California Department of Public Health issued a “COVID-19 Employer Playbook” that summarizes key requirements to operate a business in the current pandemic environment. This includes following industry-specific guidance and checklists and response protocols for when employees contract COVID-19. You can download the COVID-19 Employer Playbook by clicking here.

Face Masks. On June 18th, the California Department of Public Health issued guidance requiring Californians to wear face coverings statewide in many circumstances, including in most public indoor settings (such as inside dealership showrooms). Workers must wear face coverings in many additional circumstances, such as when they are working in spaces visited by members of the public or when they are unable to physically distance from others. Dealers throughout California are encouraged to promptly review this guidance, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Local Health Requirements. Cities and counties throughout California have adopted restrictions on business operations that are designed to promote public safety. These restrictions vary, but they include face mask, employee screening and social distancing requirements. Most dealerships in California will need to implement and post the social distancing protocol required in their local jurisdiction. LA County dealers should note that they must implement a dealership-specific reopening health protocol. (Click here.) For the most current information, visit your local jurisdiction’s website.

Vehicle Sales in California, Generally. As of July 12, all local jurisdictions allow California dealerships to conduct in-person vehicle sales. Showrooms may be open to customers, but occupancy may not exceed 50% of maximum, and state and local health requirements must be observed.

Online Sales and Remote Deliveries. Dealers interested in online sales should review the DMV memorandum on online sales, which you can access here.

CNCDA Assistance

CNCDA began remote operations on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Since this time, CNCDA staff has been in continuous contact with local and state officials on issues involving coronavirus and your business. Our legal hotline (916-441-2599) continues to operate and staff is fully accessible by phone or email to our members. And we are continuously developing compliance resources (such as this website and member alerts) to help our members during this difficult time.

This website is designed to provide California new motor vehicle dealerships with resources on issues involving the coronavirus (COVID-19). CNCDA will use its best efforts to continue to update this website, but this situation is rapidly evolving. Please also note that the materials on this website are for educational purposes, and are not intended as legal advice. For legal advice, contact competent counsel. For the most current information, please visit government websites for your jurisdiction or call CNCDA at 916-441-2599.

Media contact: Jenny Dudikoff, 916-599-5415

CNCDA is working to continuously provide our members with the most up to date information on the coronavirus as it pertains to dealerships.

Visit our Dealership Coronavirus Resources webpage for more information.

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