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New car dealership employees provide a range of important services to consumers, including administering critical consumer protections, servicing vehicles to ensure they are safe and reliable, and helping stimulate local communities. Tell us about your career as a new car dealership employee by filming a quick selfie video today.

Here are Some Questions Questions to Consider as You Film Your Video

  • Briefly describe your career with the new car dealership you work at. How long have you worked there?
  • How has working at a new car dealership helped you achieve your career goals? 
  • Did you receive a scholarship or financial aid to pursue a career in the automotive industry? 
  • How do you see your role helping local customers?
  • Employees like yourself are valued and key to providing and administering critical consumer protections. Do you feel like your job benefits the broader community? 

Tips & Tricks for Filming Your Video


  • Place camera as close to eye level as possible.
  • Film video in vertical/portrait orientation. 
  • Optimum filming light should be coming from the side or from the front to illuminate your face smoothly.
  • Wear dealership branded clothing, uniform or neutral colors. 
  • Safely film inside of a service department or other worker-centric areas of dealerships. 
    • When filming in front of vehicles and EVs that are for sale, focus on discussing how dealers and service techs can provide consumers with information about models, repairs, incentives, etc.


  • Film in an area that is loud as this will make video audio inaudible. 
  • Film videos horizontally.
  • Frame face too high or too low in the camera frame.
  • Film with the light behind employee or it will cast a shadow. 

Complete the form below and click “Record Video” to get started. If you receive a pop-up message asking for permission to access your device’s camera and microphone, please allow access. Click the red circle to begin recording. Once completed, click the “Upload” button and then click “Submit.”

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