Leveling the Playing Field Against the Cybercriminal

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Defending against the evolving sophistication of today’s cybercriminal is a significant challenge.  It requires the implementation and ongoing management of various layers of cybersecurity.  Many dealers have the most basic layers of cybersecurity in place.  But the more advanced layers for a complete cyber defense have been cost prohibitive for most dealers – until now.

In this webinar, Erik Nachbahr, Founder of Helion Technologies, will discuss a critical aspect to improving a dealership’s security posture – the Security Operations Center (SOC).  With a SOC, and the modern cybersecurity technology that accompanies it, dealers will be able to detect and stop a cyberattack before it can wreak havoc.

Dealers that attend this webinar can expect to learn:

  • The vulnerabilities dealers face as the cybercriminal, and the tactics they deploy, become more savvy
  • The specific capabilities of a SOC and the technology that supports it
  • The financial benefit and peace of mind a dealer can realize from implementing a SOC


Erik Nachbahr
Erik Nachbahr is Founder and President of Helion Technologies and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.  For more than 2 decades, Erik has been working exclusively with dealers to secure their data and optimize their IT environments.  Today, Helion supports more than 700 dealers across the country and the over 30,000 individuals they employ.


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