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Cue the Confetti! CNCDA Scholarship Foundation announces launch of the new “CAR CAREERS” Scholarship Program!

We understand the competition and need for quality, new auto tech talent is extremely fierce. CNCDA’s Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to helping grow your workforce pipeline and encouraging students to pursue promising auto tech careers at your dealerships. The CNCDA Scholarship Foundation has reworked the structure of its annual scholarship award program so that the grant amounts are much higher than previous years, which makes a greater impact on a student’s educational career, and also includes an award selection framework that will ensure geographic diversity across the state for award recipients and member dealer communities.

Under the new “CAR CAREERS” Scholarship Program, the top 4 candidates from 5 regions across the state will each be awarded a $5,000 scholarship, for a total of 20 regional awards. The top candidate from all regional awards will receive an additional $5,000 bonus included with their scholarship fund. 

The application period runs from April 15 to June 15, 2021.   Awards will be announced in August of this year to support the 2021-22 academic year.  

The goal of the CAR CAREERS scholarship program is to contribute to the success of the future automotive service industry by helping talented students fulfill their educational goals in pursuit of a promising career path in the California automotive industry. The program works to strengthen the connection between auto tech college programs and auto dealer service employers – establishing a job recruiting pathway that is beneficial to both graduates and employers. 

Member Dealers from across the state are encouraged to share scholarship application information with their employees, partners, and contacts. We have a series of tools available on our website including a flyer, Q&A, website language, and sample social media posts.   These tools can be copied and distributed easily through your dealership’s various communication channels.  Help in getting the word out and bring scholarship dollars to your community today!  Confetti is optional 😊.  

For more information visit or contact Danielle Whitmore at

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