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Foundation Road Trip

CNCDA Foundation’s Historic Road Trip :

Since 1993, CNCDA has worked tirelessly to inspire and fund students who are passionate about careers in the service and operation areas of new car dealerships.

More history information coming soon!

Foundation Objectives

The CNCDA Scholarship Foundation was created to accomplish these objectives:

  • Provide a scholarship opportunity to California students interested in pursuing studies and ultimately a career in service or operations with new car dealers in our State.
  • Bridge the skills gap and workforce shortage for California’s retail automotive industry and ensure a highly-skilled transportation labor force to support the industry’s customer service objectives.
  • Accelerate the “grease to geek evolution” of the Auto Technician profession and promote the dynamic technology skills needed to have a rewarding career with a CNCDA Dealership.
  • Celebrate CNCDA Scholarship Foundation’s legacy – honoring their dedication to engaging, inspiring, and fueling a 21st Century workforce to support the industry’s demands.
  • Expand our scholarship outreach, partnership, and application endeavors in the five key regions of the Golden State, assuring equity among award recipients throughout California.

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