Join the REVOLUTION! As we accelerate the "grease to geek evolution" of the Auto Technician profession.

Today’s auto technicians are a part of an exciting, dynamic, technology-driven industry. Nothing is boring about the job! A skilled technician brings a virtual “toolbox” of 21st-century technology knowledge of dynamic technology and mechanical skills needed to repair today's complex vehicles, further supporting California's environmental goals to transition to a cleaner electric vehicle future.

$ 54,540 Average Salary
$ 115 B Industry Value
2 yr Education Program

Car Careers Scholarship Program has Awarded Over One Million Dollars!

The Annual “CAR CAREERS" Scholarship Program fuels a vision to fill the fierce demand for auto technician and management roles critical to California's new car industry.

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The Foundation has Provided Scholarships to 1,300+ Students

For over 25 years, CNCDA, and its Scholarship Foundation have fueled a vision to support the demand for the auto technician and management roles critical to California’s retail automotive industry. We are proud to have awarded scholarships to over 1,300 students, totaling over one million dollars.


Cash In

An auto technician is a well-paying job Starting salaries are strong and the median salary is $54,540 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, California, May 2020) and the role comes with accelerated opportunities to earn more. Plus, most jobs offer excellent benefits and comfortable work environments.

Career Facts

Speed Up

Get to a rewarding job faster. You will spend less time and money to prepare for full-time employment. A two-year hands-on program will get you the training you need.


Fuel Up

As a skilled technician employed with a franchised new car dealership you will benefit from ongoing training that will fuel a stable wage and a rewarding lifelong career.

Get a Job
I’ve always liked working with my hands and working outside. Thanks to the CNCDA Foundation Scholarship, I was able to pay for education and certifications to take the next steps toward turning my interests into a full auto tech career. Samuel Arias 2019 CNCDA Foundation Scholarship Recipient