One Year Later and the CCPA Continues to Confuse: ComplyAuto Experts Answer Your CCPA Related Questions and Common Misconceptions

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Am I selling data to vendors? When do I delete personal information? What about my employees?

The experts at ComplyAuto clear up misconceptions about the CCPA and answer all of your burning questions. From now until the webinar, please send any questions for them to answer live during the webinar to with the subject line: “CNCDA Webinar Questions”. All submissions will be anonymous.

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Hao Nguyen
Hao Nguyen has spent his entire legal career in the automotive industry. After a stint with the California New Car Dealers Association, he joined Auto Advisory Services and was there through its acquisition by KPA in 2018. While there, he provided legal support in all functions at the dealership: from sales operation and registration to service department compliance and vehicle advertising. He now furthers the interests of automotive dealers in a different capacity at ComplyAuto, which is a cloud-based SaaS company offering a suite of solutions for complete dealership compliance.
Chris Cleveland
Chris Cleveland is the Compliance Director of the Galpin Automotive Group and the Co-founder of ComplyAuto. He has spent over a decade specializing in automotive regulatory compliance and oversees a compliance team that conducts over 40 regularly scheduled audits in the areas of sales, finance, privacy, human resources, environmental health & safety, information security, and identity theft. In his role at ComplyAuto, Chris is committed to using his dealer experience to provide practical and automated software solutions that significantly reduce the dealership’s potential liability with respect to government action and private lawsuits.