New Laws Webinar Series

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In 2022, policymakers in Sacramento approved a wide range of measures that directly impact California dealers. Although CNCDA and dealer advocacy was able to block some of the most onerous and unfair proposals, California’s legislature pushed forward a very progressive agenda this year. Important new laws include (but are certainly not limited to) new restrictions on the sale of GAP, new consumer disclosures, new employer leave obligations, and mandates on the sale of electric vehicles.

Prepare for 2023 by joining Brian Maas, CNCDA President; Anthony Bento, CNCDA Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs; Les Swizer, CNCDA Staff Counsel; and John Boggs of Fine, Boggs, and Perkins LLP this fall and winter for our annual presentation on new laws impacting your dealership. This is your opportunity to learn what laws and regulations are coming your way and how you can best prepare yourself, your employees, and your business to navigate California’s ever-changing political and business climate.

No MCLE credit provided for on-demand webinars.