Electrifying California’s Cars and Trucks: What Dealers Need to Know

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    July 20th

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California has set ambitious goals on EV sales, requiring all new light-duty vehicles to be electric by 2035. Will California’s grid be able to handle this transition? How are utility providers improving the electrical infrastructure to support the transition? And how should dealers approach constructing EV infrastructure at their stores? Come join Nancy Ryan, Partner at eMobility Advisors, Jerry Drewett, Information Systems & Facilities Director at Dalton Motors, Inc., and Dana Robertson and Cory Skillern from Southern California Edison, for an informative discussion on this important issue.

Speaker Lineup:

Anthony Bento

Chief Legal Officer, California New Car Dealers Association

Nancy Ryan
Partner, eMobility Advisors


Jerry Drewett
Information Systems & Facilities Director, Dalton Motors
Dana Robertson
Advisor, eMobility Business Development & Partnerships, SCE
Cory Skillern
Clean Energy Technical Senior Advisor, SCE