California Dealership HR Bootcamp Webinar Part 1

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Almost all employment lawsuits against Dealers in California arise out of three general areas of the law. Each of them is incredibly complicated and can make any manager’s head spin. In Part I of this 3-part seminar series, we will cover the first of the three main causes for lawsuits against California Dealers and teach you what you need to do to avoid being sued. The intersection of the Family and Medical Leave Act (and the California Family Rights Act), the Americans with Disabilities Act (and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act), Worker’s Compensation and the various other leave laws (including paid leave requirements) create a minefield for California Dealers. Part I of the seminar series will guide you through this minefield so you can avoid risk. Join John P. Boggs of Fine, Boggs & Perkins LLP in this must-attend seminar series.